Treatment Of Thrush In Adults

Thrush in adults is caused by the increase in the population of a fungus that occurs naturally in the human body. If the population of the fungus is kept within a certain level, the symptoms of thrush do not manifest themselves. They are only noticed when the population goes above this level.

The use of antibiotics has been known to increase the Candida population, the causative fungus of thrush in adults, which is kept in check by certain bacteria. The antibiotics kill the bacteria allowing the fungus population to increase and cause thrush. People who have a weak immune system are the most likely to develop the condition.

The symptoms of thrush in adults will vary from person to person and across genders. Women are more likely to show serious symptoms than men. Vaginal thrush manifests as soreness, irritation, and itchiness coupled with a foul-smelling discharge that is thick in nature. Penile thrush will manifest as painful red sores on the tip of the penis as well as irritation and burning when urinating. Oral thrush manifests as lesions in the mouth especially on the tongue and cheeks. These lesions can spread to the throat making it difficult to swallow food.

There are several methods of thrush treatment. You can get over-the-counter creams to apply or medication to ingest but it is best that you see a doctor who will carry out lab tests and prescribe the proper medication. Although medication stops the symptoms, they do not eliminate the fungus. They allow the body to regain its natural fungal to bacterial ratios.

Yoghurt is one of the best known natural thrush treatments. The lactobacillus found in the yoghurt quickly reduces the levels of the fungus thereby stopping the symptoms of a yeast infection. You can apply it topically if you have penile or vaginal thrush and you can drink it regularly if you have oral thrush. In the case of vaginal thrush, yogurt can be applied to a tampon and then the tampon is inserted into the vagina. For penile thrush, a piece of cloth can be dipped in yoghurt at gently wrapped around the affected penis.

Hygiene is very important when you are treating thrush in adults. If a couple is exhibiting these symptoms, then they should both get treated to stop re-infections from occurring.

For effective management of thrush in adults, one should concentrate on effective treatment when it occurs and then trying to use proper diet to make sure that it does not come back again.