Causes of Hair Loss – Read and Understanding Them

Hair loss is not a case to case problem. It is a universal problem indeed. Not only the Americans nor the Europeans suffer from embarrassment due to hair loss. If you have seen, a person’s look will change if the style of his hair will be changed. Whether we like it or not, balding of hair decreases your beauty especially when you are used to having full and long hair. Nevertheless, you have to remember that balding of the hair depends on the many reasons and factors and not merely one. You have to investigate yourself and try to point out the causes of hair loss in you. Keep on reading to know if the following causes of hair loss are present in you.

Causes of Hair Loss

According to many people, who have experienced hair loss problem, aging is one of the most obvious reason why a person losses hair. When you reach the age of 20 and beyond, expect to experience losing of hair that way far from what you experience when you are still young. When you are now at the age of 50, prepare yourself as you are very much prone to losing as much hair as before.

Anyway, you have to realize that thinning of the hair is considered as an evident of maturity and growth. As to the case of women, one of the causes of hair loss is reaching menopausal stage. In addition to that, women also tend to lose hair when they are bearing a child inside their womb. After menopause and during pregnancy, hormonal change will start to occur inside the woman’s body. In connection to that, hormonal change will affect the growth and development of the hair. That is why, it is rare to see pregnant and menopause women having beautiful and bouncy hair.

Fortunately, there’s a cure for that and it is hormone replacement therapy. Women must also get rid of pulling of hair frequently. You have to give proper care to your hair. Avoid hair styles that pull your hair all the time since that may lose the hair that would result to balding. As much as possible, do not use hair rollers or curly tongs as they weaken every hair strand and may contribute to your causes of hair loss.

Moreover, nervous and stress disorders can also be referred as causes of hair loss. Actually, these are known to be the last major causes of hair loss. Experiencing severe stress may result to Telogen Effluvium, or the slowing down of growth of the hair. The moment you are feeling intense stress and nervousness, you are triggering the hair follicle to immediately go through resting stage, then suddenly your large volume of hair will drop. Lack of protein in the body will result to hair loss as well. When the muscles in the body need protein, yet you cannot provide it, the tendency is the muscle will take the protein that they need in the hair. Because of that, the hair will be forced to resting stage. Just after two, three or more months, you will see that your hair is thinning and dropping.