Skin Cream 101 – What Works and Why?

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skin creamSkin is the body’s largest organ system and surprisingly one of the most complex. The toughest skin is found on our feet, while the most delicate skin makes up our faces. Taking care of skin sounds easy, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Read on to see why caring for your skin is so important and how you can determine what type of skin you have. After identifying your skin type, we’ll help you to find the best skin cream for acne, oily, dry or combination skin.



What Skin Creams Work And Why?



Why is Skin Care so Important? To put it quite simply, our skin is gross! Over 1,000 different types of bacteria live on human skin. Some of them aren’t bad. Most are acquired through our surroundings and activities. Our skin is the primary protector to our insides and needs to be in tip-top shape to keep infections from entering our bloodstream. Well hydrated, moisturized and clean skin regulates body temperature and keeps you shielded from the environment. Skin creams and other complementing products are the best way to keep your skin in great and healthy condition!

There are different types of skin creams for acne, oily, dry or combination skin. It’s pretty easy to tell if you have acne or not, but detecting dry or combination skin isn’t always so easy. Here’s a breakdown on the standard identifiers for each skin type and what kinds of ingredients to seek out or avoid in a skin cream.



skin cream for acne
Acne skin creams are a specialized product, with many aggressive treatment routines on the market. Powerful combinations of chemicals and toners break down the bacteria and give your skin a clean slate. Working to break down acne is a process that differs from other types of skin conditions. An acne regimen requires a series of products that all work together with the same base ingredients that are known to break down acne breeding grounds like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.


Oily Skin

skin cream oily skin
When touching your face and are left with a residue on your fingers, it is clear that you most likely have oily skin. Leveling out the amount of oil on your skin will ensure that you stay acne free and avoid getting blackheads. The best skin creams for oil treatment are gentle and made from water based ingredients versus oil based. Most skin creams advertise right on the front packaging if they are water or oil based.


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Dry Skin

skin cream dry skin

Dry skin can be extremely uncomfortable or itchy. It’s also the first to suffer from irritation and those with dry skin find seasonal changes to be especially challenging. The key to treating dry skin is moisture and hydration! Look for a skin cream that advertises for dry skin and moisturizing properties. Humectant and emollient ingredients are ideal. Examples of Humectants include urea, glycerin, and sorbitol. Humectants attract water and Emollients patch up rough spots for all over smooth and hydrated skin.



skin cream combinatin skin
A common term in the skincare health and beauty industry is the T-Zone. This refers to your forehead, nose, and chin. Most individuals with combination skin have oil in the T-Zone and suffer from dry skin everywhere else. Some skin creams have a balanced “smart” formula that moisturizes where it’s needed most and cleanses excess oils away. If an intelligent formula skin cream isn’t working, some dermatologists recommend using two creams to balance out the facial area.


Sensitive Skin

skin cream sensitive skin
Many individuals also suffer from sensitive skin, which makes them prone to redness, irritations or rashes. Companies recognize these skin concerns and carefully build products that are free from harsh chemicals and place a focus on natural ingredients. To test your skin, experts recommend introducing one new skin care product at a time. If any negative reactions come up, it’s easy to avoid that product in the future. Should product after product provide irritation, look to make connections between ingredients to select skin creams that have alternate ingredients in its place.



Top Skin Care Creams


No particular skin cream will work for every person. As noted above, your search for a good skin care cream should start with understanding what type of skin you have. Here are some of the top rated beauty skin creams and what reviewers have to say about the products.


An All Around Winning Skin Cream – Retinol Surge Moisturizer by Body Merry

skin cream retinol surge moisturizer
Retinol is a famous ingredient used to combat aging skin. Even if aging isn’t a concern for you, a skin cream that boasts retinol as an ingredient is one worth paying attention to. It’s all around formula tackles lines within the skin, balances out dark spots and replenishes dry patches. Body Merry advocates that even skin is the first step to healthy skin. Use daily to keep skin healthy, stay clear of breakouts and maintain healthy skin for years to come.


Best Skin Cream for Oily Skin – Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance

skin cream dermalogica intensive moisture balance

Dermalogica is a well-known brand that has a loyal following by many. Aside from acne, oily skin is arguably one of the hardest to treat and maintain. Packed with Vitamin C, Ginkgo and grape seed are some of the components that repair skin and bring it back to a balanced nature. Dermalogica is one of the premier skin cream brands and is typically priced around $50 for a tube.


Best Skin Cream for Acne Prone Skin – Acne Scar Cream from New York Biology

skin cream acne scar cream from new york biology

New York Biology’s acne skin cream is different because it focuses on skin growth over bacteria removal. Skin that’s encouraged to grow will naturally repair itself faster, therefore, sending breakouts packing. Users note the formula to be exceptionally hydrating, which is something that most acne skin creams lack. It’s moderately priced around $20 a container.


Best Natural Skin Cream – Amara Organics Anti Aging Face Cream Moisturizer with Resveratrol & Peptides

skin cream amara organics anti aging face cream

Amara Organics’ Moisturizer is a crowd pleaser as it is made with 100% natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals or words you can’t pronounce here! It harnesses everything nature has to offer and employs vitamins to repair, hydrate and soften skin. All of their products are also cruelty free, so you can feel good and look good when using them. It’s moderately priced around $20 a bottle.



Complementing Products



Skin creams aside, there are a few other essential beauty products that should probably be in your medicine cabinet. Different stores and skincare experts will try to convince you that a skincare regimen must consist of a dozen products. This simply isn’t so! Don’t become overwhelmed by the thought of some drawn out skin potions and a routine that’ll force you to wake up an hour earlier.



A solid moisturizer isn’t just for someone who suffers from dry skin! Regardless of brand or formula, washing your face naturally strips away most of your face’s “good oils” while ridding your face of the bad ones. After each wash, replenish with a hydrating skin cream.



Every once and awhile, your skin needs a good scrubbing! Salt, sugar and microbead scrubs exfoliate your skin and clear dead skin cells and grime. These scrubs speed up the natural skin shedding process and are the perfect way to open up pores and cleanse before a new skincare routine. Exfoliating has its place in a skincare routine, but is usually best done in moderation.


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Cleansing Wipes

Remove the dirt, grime, and sweat that cakes up on your face throughout the day. Pre-wet wipes are probably one of the best ways to take care of cleansing your skin. These gentle wipes work to remove excess product, makeup, and oil on your face. Use them at night or after a workout for a quick skin refresher. Perfect for on the go and travel!


Wrinkle Creams

As we age, it’s natural for our skin to shift into different cycles. With these cycles, wrinkles can appear. Within the beauty industry, there is a whole segment that is devoted just to anti-aging skin creams and scientific research to understand how skin ages and what we can do to slow its effects. Leading scientists and researchers have paired up with leading skin care companies to develop formulas and solutions for aging related skin woes. These products are usually serums that are added to an existing routine.


Food is your Friend!

You can boost your skin’s appearance by choosing to eat healthily and filling your diet with some of these skin-friendly bites.



Toss together a salad with kale, juicy tomatoes, carrots and some olive oil and lemon. Both kale and tomatoes boost your skin’s ability to protect against UV rays which cause harmful burns. The burst of zesty lemon citrus could lower your risk for squamous cell carcinoma according to researchers at The University of Arizona.


Seasoned Beef with Rosemary

Succulent, juicy beef is loaded with various Omega acids which combat inflammation. Season it with salt, pepper and fresh sprigs of rosemary while cooking. You’ll have the rosemary to thank for a reduced risk of melanoma according to studies published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.


Sunflower Seeds

A healthy but filling snack, sunflower seeds are an awesome way to get your salty fix. The high presence of Vitamin E wards away embarrassing and unwanted pimples.


Routines Matter

Your skin completely renews itself every 28 days. Therefore, it may take a week to two weeks to see results from your new skin care products and creams. After that, it is all about maintaining. Aim to wash your face in the morning after you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. Perform your skin care routine before putting on any makeup for the day and always remember to remove all makeup before bed. Leaving makeup on can consequently lead to the clogging of pores, which creates excess oil and allows negative bacteria to collect. Don’t be afraid to switch products in and out to tinker with a routine and find what works best for you!


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Whether you’re young or old, have acne or not, the condition of your skin should always be a top priority for you. Using skin creams in addition to moisturizers, exfoliators, wrinkle creams and makeup removers will have your skin looking beautiful. Healthy skin is the foundation to feeling like a model ready to walk the runway!


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