Popular Nail Art: 5 Styles For Spring

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Nail art designs are a great way to express your femininity and self. Most women enjoy matching their nails with their outfits and moods. And as the seasons change, we are ready for some new looks! After winter, it’s time to box up those thick coats and sweaters, get a new hair cut, and pull out those cute shorts! Getting a manicure is such a relaxing experience, and is pretty affordable as well. Getting cute designs is a little boost of creativity and personality. The following are the popular nail trend for spring 2017 which comprises of the hottest nail designs, patterns, colors, and creations.


Popular Nail Art: 5 Styles To Try



A unique nail art that looks popular is the pressed flowers, fluorescent tips, and color-blocked pastels make these spring manicures prime suitable for warm-weather. Sunflowers, cherry blossoms, vintage roses, daisies – I could go on! The type like this doesn’t require painting as the design comes naturally from the manufacturer. At your own discretion, you may paint with colorless glossy and shining paint. This is just to increase the radiance.

A floral nail art looks more appropriate during the spring. With a lovely lavender or pink design, you finger tips will be transformed into a specialized tinning art design.  This brings a form of blossoming beauty.



Masterful Marbling: This is great spring design and artistic look. This particular nail art looks like marble stone, hence the name. It requires lots of patience, and all you need are two contrasting colors and dotting tools.



Geometric Jam: a white and black design nails appears very cool and lovely. The addition of a grape color accent and a colorless pigment makes it look more shining and fantastic in the sun.

Lively lines: Drawing lines of different colors diagonally, criss-cross, horizontal or vertical on your nails with a colorless polish can give you a good look this spring.

Going Dotty: the 3D effect of the polka dots are always good for spring fashion. You can try dots in many shades of bold, bubbly colors.


Feeling Sparkly?

Soft Glam: sometimes a little and cool glitter goes a long way in making a look high-class. The advantage with this is that it doesn’t require a very steady and regular hand shape. Whatever the type of shape you have, it gives your fingers a good look.


Pastels for Days

Spring is always the time for pastels! It’s the beginning of the change into warm weather, blossoming flowers, and beautifully colorful sunsets. Soft rosy pinks, lavendar purples, sky blues, and freshly bloomed yellows are all great colors to try this season.


Combine Multiple Looks!

Try combining several of the different themes above for a unique look that no one else will have. You’ll be sure to get lots of compliments on your nails this spring. Happy designing!


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