Modern Day 90s Fashion Trends

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modern day 90s fashion

modern day 90s fashion

Remember when you loved wearing red paisley bandanas, neon fanny packs, feather-textured crop tops and bib overall shorts? Well, you may not have to reach that far back to remember. Here are the modern day 90s fashion trends.


Modern Day 90s Fashion


Apparently what happened in the 90’s didn’t stay in the 90’s, because these funky trends are showing up again everywhere from high end catwalks to street fashion. And everyone, including Vogue, Redbook and In Style, is noticing. If you got rid of all your 90’s gear, never fear. Everyone from J. C. Penny to Net-A-Porter is getting in on the throwback trends.


The Basics

modern day 90s fashion the basics

Let’s start with the basics. Your go-to 90’s necessities include: high-waisted jeans, overalls, two-piece skirt suits, crop-tops and a plaid skirt. While you can find many of these original 90’s pieces in vintage stores and Ebay, you can also shop for modern versions in department stores and many retail Websites. From Kohl’s to Macy’s, you can find high-waisted jeans in many department stores and mall outlets. These retro “mom jeans” are both 90’s inspired and hot for 2016. For trendy crop-tops reminiscent of your teenage years, check out Forever 21, Asos or Ted Baker.


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The Accessories

modern day 90s fashion accessories

Chokers are all in. Bulk up your collection of these sweet 90’s necklaces from Forever 21, Nasty Gal and Claires. Or, for something handmade and one-of-a-kind, why not shop on Etsy or Bonanaza? Other accessories from the 90’s, like bandanas, round sunglasses and fanny packs are in too, and you can find chic, updated versions for 2016 at many popular retailers.


The Hair & Makeup

You can do a lot of things with 90’s hair. From long, crimped locks and tiny braids to shocking pink and turoquise dyes, there’s a lot of fun with hairstyles from the 1990’s. And don’t forget to top it all off with a scrunchie or a headband!


You’ll also want to tone your makeup for the 90’s with lipstick in deep reds and browns. Pastel eyeshadows, like purple and blue, are back too, and even those dark-lined eyes seem to be making a comeback, even if you aren’t a Goth.



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