Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

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makeup tips for hooded eyes

makeup tips for hooded eyes

Most eye makeup tips exist for the classic almond-eye, but not every woman has that eye shape. If you are a woman with hooded eyes, then these makeup tips will allow you to take your eye look to the next level. Check out these makeup tips for hooded eyes.


Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes


Highlight Right

makeup tips for hooded eyes highlight right

For most eye shapes, you want to use a light hand when applying your highlight shade to your inner corners to avoid the “crazy eyes” look. For hooded eyes, however, your eye shape is naturally closed off.

The solution is to apply your highlight to your inner corner and the inner third of your eyelid. This will open up your hooded eyes and give you a “wide awake” look.


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Line Carefully

makeup tips for hooded eyes line carefully

One of the biggest makeup issues faced by women with hooded eyes is how to apply eyeliner. Eyeliner sitting above your lashes can erase what little lid space you have, so what do you do?

Unless you are going for a very dramatic look, stick to a waterproof pencil and tightline your upper lash line. For a bit more drama in your eyes, try for a thin line with a long wing. This will give you an instant eye lift with nothing but your trusty eyeliner.


Where to Cut

makeup tips for hooded eyes where to cut

Hooded eyes have a tendency to eat up makeup by covering it as soon as you relax your face. Do not let this ruin your smoky eye, just change where you are putting your eyeshadow.

When creating a smoky eye, you want to cut your crease above where your natural crease is. This will allow your hard work to be shown even with your natural hood. Blend out your dark shade above the crease for that sultry look.


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It can be hard to do your eye makeup when you have an unusual eye shape, but do not despair. These three tips will let you show off the natural beauty of your hooded eyes.



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