Fashion Tips for Larger Sizes

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fashion tips for larger sizes

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Going shopping can be a larger lady’s worst nightmare. It can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately for us, you do not have to be tiny to look fantastic. These simple fashion tips for larger sizes will have you looking great.


Fashion Tips for Larger Sizes


Know your body

fashion tips for larger sizes know your body type

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Every body is flattered by different things. For apple-shaped women, you may want to add shape or emphasize the top half. Separates tend to work well for pear-shaped women, just check the fitting room mirror and choose flattering clothes. Don’t be afraid to wear tailored clothing; it can make you feel confident and emphasize curves.

Be mindful of how color works on you. Every skin tone is different. What works for one skin tone will clash with another. Bright colors draw attention to themselves, light colors tend to emphasize things, whereas dark colors de-emphasize. For example, wearing dark colors on bottom will de-emphasize the hips.


Accessories are your friends

fashion tips for larger sizes accessories

Accessories are a great way to stay trendy. Long, dangling earrings will make your neck look longer. On plus-sized women, small earrings won’t have the same effect. Delicate pendants will not be as noticeable as a clunky necklace, which draws the eye toward the face. If you like your waist or have an hourglass shape, a skinny belt is a great way to emphasize those curves.


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Make sure everything fits

fashion tips for larger sizes make sure everything fits

Starting from the skin and working outward, make sure everything fits properly. Changing something as simple as underwear can completely change how something fits. After that, check whatever you try on to make sure it fits well both standing and sitting.


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Ultimately, what matters most is that you feel confident. After all, you’re wearing the clothes, not the other way around. Wearing something flattering, that fits perfectly, is an instant confidence boost. These fashion tips for larger sizes are a great way to get started on that!


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