Easy Halloween Costumes

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easy halloween costumes

easy halloween costumes

Have you been invited to a last minute Halloween party? Or maybe you’re just trying to save money and don’t want to spend a fortune on a costume. Either way, there are plenty of cute easy Halloween costumes lurking right within your home! Use this article as a guide on how to craft the perfect costume without too much effort and breaking the bank. There’s something to fit everyone’s style; so whether you’re looking to be cheeky and cute or mysterious and scary, we’ve got you covered.



Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes



Mysterious & Famous No More

easy halloween costumes not famous

Easy Halloween costumes shouldn’t be time consuming so if you have 5 minutes – this is the costume for you. Grab a paper grocery bag, a pair of scissors and a marker. Place the bag on your head and have a friend trace out two holes for your eyes. Use the scissors to carefully cut holes for a line of vision. Then, use the marker to write something clever. “Please, no photos,” “I’m not famous,” or “Invisible celebrity” are awesome suggestions.


Bat Girl


Break out your black pair of leggings and a form-fitting black shirt (ideally long sleeved). Slip on a pair of heels or a comfy pair of flats. Then, reach into your makeup bag and take out your black eyeliner and mascara. Find the inner artist in you and get creative with drawing a bat on your face. Try drawing one across your forehead or opt for two smaller ones on each one of your cheeks. Go snag two black plastic garbage bags and some masking tape from the kitchen. Carefully make each one into a wing, using the tape to secure the wings onto your arms. Another handy trick is to break apart an umbrella as pictured above. If you have time to pick up some cat ears, it’ll boost the look. You’re ready to go!


This Pun is a Hit!

easy halloween costumes 50 shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Grey caught the attention of readers and movie goers alike. Well, here’s your chance to be a part of the action! Stop at the local hardware store on the way home from work and pick up a handful of gray paint swatches. Choose a variety of different shades to get the best look possible (do see where this is going now?!). Carefully cut each of the shades apart from the swatches. Dig out some safety pins from your sewing kit and attach each swatch to a shirt or dress. Scatter the shades for a cute look. Slip on gray heels or boots before heading out!



easy halloween costumes dalmatians

These spotted, dotted dogs are adorable! Find a white shirt in your closet that you won’t mind throwing out after Halloween. Take a black marker and create different sized spots all over the shirt. Do the same with pants. If it isn’t possible to outfit a pair of pants with spots, opt for a simple black or white. Take it over the top and use a face friendly marker to add extra spots to your face!



easy halloween costumes sightseer

By the time you’re reading this, it is too late to jet to somewhere tropical for this Halloween. Don’t let that keep you down! Find a funky tropical button down shirt and pull the binoculars out of your closet. Pair it with a fanny pack, sunglasses, and a sunhat for the whole look!


Snuggle Monster

easy halloween costumes snuggle monster

Live the dream and never have to change out of your pajamas! Find a pair of footie pajamas and break out your childhood favorite teddy bear and don’t forget slippers! Bonus points if you can bring a mug of coffee around with you.


Your Favorite Color


This one is so simple and winds up being so good! Dress from head to toe in your favorite color. From a hat to shirt, pants, socks and shoes – make sure everything is your favorite color. Throw on a scarf, bow tie, belt, shorts over pants… Anything and everything! Guaranteed to get a laugh from someone who asks what your costume is. Get friends in on the fun of a group costume and coordinate to make a rainbow!



Looking for a group costume? These are some of the best:




easy halloween costumes ninjas

There are many easy Halloween costumes and one of the most classic looks is the Ninja. Dress in all black, gloves included. Get different colored eye masks and make some swords out of tinfoil.


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An Old Photo

easy halloween costumes old photo

Google around and get inspired with photos from the good old days. Then, recreate the looks with clothes in your closet. Choose black and whites only, as you’ll need to keep in the spirit of the old times. If you’d like to see some scary examples read the article below.


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Secret Agent


Break out your formal gear and throw on your coolest pair of shades and a fancy wrist watch. Spend the whole night acting serious and communicating through your “wrist device” to the other agents throughout the party. Remember…. DON’T BLOW YOUR COVER!



Don’t forget about your kiddos!




easy halloween costumes ladybug

In similar thinking to the Dalmatian costume, get a red hoodie and red pants. Cover them with dots! For a girl, have her wear a black headband to serve as makeshift antennas.


Old Man or Woman

easy halloween costumes old person

Opposites attract?! Find the cutest pieces of their wardrobe that could represent something their older counterparts wear. Use facial paint to create a beard or wrinkles. Have them wear costume glasses or remove the lenses from reading glasses around the house. Older kids can carry a cane!


Their Favorite Animal

Embrace their wild side and let your child be their favorite animal. Dress in all gray for an elephant, black for a cat or black and white for a zebra! Teach them how to make the sound of the animal and encourage them to crawl, hop or walk around in the same fashion.

Halloween is a piece of cake! With so many options right within your home, there’s no need to fight the crowds at busy costume pop up stores. Get your creative juices flowing and slap together a winning costume just in time. Opt for one of these easy Halloween costumes in a group and your friends or coworkers will hail you as the Halloween Superhero! For next year, continue the frugal trend or search for area exchange groups. Groups within the local community feature costume exchanges at very low prices.


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