Chambray Shirts – The New Little Black Dress

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chambray shirtsA woman’s wardrobe is an ever changing while always building work of art. While seasonal trends come and go, certain clothing pieces will always be here to stay. Fashion staples like a little black dress or a good pair of jeans are sought after, coveted items. When you find a figure flattering black dress or a curve hugging and comfortable pair of jeans, never let them go! Your jeans and little black dress will have to move over as the chambray shirt is moving in! See what chambray shirts are all about and why some designers and fashion magazine editors are dubbing them the new “little black dress.”


Chambray Shirts



What is it?

chambray shirts what is it

Chambray shirts are tops made from denim or an alternative fabric with a denim like appearance. Typically, they are button down and feature three quarter length sleeves or long sleeved with the intention of being rolled up. Some have collars while others collarless. The same statement can also be said for whether or not the chest area will have pockets. Women’s Chambray shirts usually have a more form fitting straight cut and vary in tone and shade. Much like a pair of jeans would. Button color varies, and you could find ones with metal or traditional types.

Check the tag for specific washing instructions, but chambray shirts are effortless all around. Wash in cool water and hang dry. No ironing needed! While almost anything is fair game, fashion experts from Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Forever 21 suggest that you refrain from pairing a chambray shirt with denim pants as it clashes. If you’re wearing denim on top, choose a different material for the bottom, and the same for the other way around! Exceptions are made for a pastel colored denim pant with a traditional denim colored chambray.


Leggings’ Best Friend

chambray shirts with leggings

Funky patterns, cool colors and metallic leggings are in style right now! Unfortunately, some of these bold and beautiful patterns pose a problem for finding a matching top. Enter chambray shirts! Thankfully all of these fun patterns will pair nicely with denim. Express your inner artist and love for colors while keeping your fashion tastes in check.


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chambray shirts accessories

A chambray shirt is best worn with some accessories. Here are some of a fashionista’s favorite ways to add some pizzazz to their look.



For those in a mild to a cold climate, a stash of scarves is a must! Infiniti, traditional and bandit style scarves are ideal for pairing with a denim shirt. It might be your only chance to add a pop of color to the outfit if you’ve decided to go with black or another neutral pant choice. Play up with different textures. Embrace sequins, chunky knits or animal prints that you might not feel comfortable wearing as a shirt or pant print. Scarves run the gamut in pricing and range from $5 to upwards of $50 for upscale materials like cashmere. Find them at your local department store, all-purpose superstore or in the accessory section of your favorite self-standing clothing brand.


Figure Fitting Belts

Belts are no longer just something used to hold up a pair of pants. Fashion friendly belts are redesigned to hug your waist and flatter your figure. Also, fashion waist belts are chunkier in size and usually don’t have the traditional buckle closure that a traditional one has. Pair a belt with your chambray shirt to accent your body shape and also change the shirt structure to one of a fitted shirt. Fashion belts are a fashionista’s favorite accessory as they work for women of all shapes and sizes. Hence, plus size or standard, you will love the look either way. Try to stick to neutral colored belts if you’re trying to pinch pennies. You could also go for colors that match various shades of boots, sneakers or sandals already in your closet. Wear it by itself or throw a scarf into the mix.


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Statement Necklace

Because the vast majority of chambray shirts are button up, choose to leave the top few unbuttoned and highlight your chest and neck area tastefully with a chunky and colorful statement necklace. Costume jewelry, in particular, is a budget friendly way to get some color in and wear a piece that you might not get to otherwise.

Jump in on a new trend that is here to stay for many years to come. With so many different ways to wear chambray shirts and a seemingly endless selection of accessories, it is easy to see why this all-purpose shirt should be a closet staple. Challenge yourself to create five different looks with a chambray shirt and see how effortless it is to have a different look for every day of the week. For the cherry on top, girls and women of all ages, body types, weight and height all look stunning while wearing this casual piece!


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