Bath Bombs: The Perfect End To A Hectic Day

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Ever heard of a bath bomb? Do you know why they are considered as a pure bliss? There is a likelihood that more questions will be on your mind. The name indicates that they will explode when dropped in your bath tub. Well, this is what happens in the metaphoric sense. You will get a burst of oils and some pleasant aromas. If you want something to relax you after a busy and tiring day, then bath bombs are for you. You can keep them in your bathroom wall cabinet or white bathroom cabinet. To a hectic and busy day, bath bombs tend to be a calm end.


Bath Bombs: The Perfect End To A Busy Day


Bath bombs are are comprised of some essential oils that are known to work beyond your imagination. They are capable of creating a whole new spa-like feel for the consumer. This means you can have that experience without even leaving your home. Just leave all your worries and exhaustion in your bath tub and come out with a new and fresh feel.


Different Types Of Milky Bath Bombs

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Even if you have never been much of a bath person, there are different types of bath bombs, and one of the most popular types are the Milky bath bombs. These amazing milk bath bombs are sure to convert you. With these luscious balls, not only can we have fun, but the milky ones provide extra moisturizing and cleansing for the skin. They can be exceptionally good for harsh, cold weather for moisturizing skin and keep it from being dry. The best part – you can easily make them at home too!


Cow Milk

Cow milk bath bombs are good for people with normal or dry skin. They are capable of moisturizing the skin. Buying the ones with cow milk as an ingredient will definitely add some therapeutic qualities to your bathing experience. In addition, along with the other ingredients, these products will help in providing the necessary minerals and nutrients required by the skin.


Goat Milk

Goat milk is thicker than cow milk so buying the ones with goat milk is way more beneficial for those with sensitive or dry skin. The minerals present in it can be absorbed through your skin easily. It can prove to be a natural supplement for a healthier glow.


Milk and Honey

Milk and honey, both are natural ingredients known for being highly beneficial for the skin in a number of ways. The combination works well in these products too. Milk and honey combined are best for people with sensitive or harsh skin. Check out this oatmeal bath bomb on Etsy, made of crushed oats, goat milk and honey. It also contains vanilla essential oil, vitamin E, and tamanu oil. This particular bath bomb is great for eczema, dry/ itchy skin, psoriasis, or sun burned skin.



Buttermilk is high in fat and lactic acid. A buttermilk bath bomb will help in softening and hydrating the skin. Buttermilk is also known to have an amazing effect on wrinkles. Therefore, this type is best for those who want to get rid of their wrinkles in an easier way.

Most beauty stores will sell bath products so you shouldn’t have a problem finding bath bombs that are of interest. However, if you want to find all the best bath bombs products, you should always shop on the web. You’ll have access to a much larger range of products and will even have access to overseas products which makes it even more exciting. Just remember that some scents may be hard to decipher if you’re buying online so perhaps heading to a high street store just to have a sniff of some products is a good idea. Just remember that you’re only looking and buying online is best if you want to save yourself money.

We love this Blue Hawaiian scented bath bomb on Etsy for $2.60 each! It is blissfully perfect for Spring time bathing. It has a sweet pineapple, coconut, and cherry scent that makes your bath water beautiful blue. Bathe in your own oasis!


And There Are Vegan Milk Ones!:

Are you a vegan? Not to fret, there are several milky bath bombs and bars that are made from soy milk. The Milky Bath is one of our favorites from Lush. This bar is made of cocoa butter, soy milk, and olive oil. It leaves you with silky soft feeling skin, and a “delicate scent of orange oil”. You can get this one at your local Lush store or online for $7.95.


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