How To Accessorize for Less – 4 Tips

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accessorize for less

accessorize for less

Some like artistic accessories as much as they like clothes. Others like them more than clothes. But constantly adding new, decorative flair to your outfits will subtract money from your wallet. Below are some ways to accessorize for less while presenting a unique sense of style.


Accessorize For Less


Thrifty Shopping

accessorize for less thrift shopping

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Don’t underestimate the power of previously owned. Thrift stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Deseret Industries and other consignments shops can be great places to find pieces to enhance your outfits. And the price will be much lower than just about any store in a shopping mall. The trick to being able to accessorize for less through a thrift store is to have patience and an open eye. That perfect necklace or scarf may not jump off the shelf at you right away. However, if you are willing to hunt and dig a little, you might find yourself a true treasure.


Shop online

accessorize for less by shopping online

While the big name stores certainly have their marketplaces online, many independent vendors do as well. Websites such as Bonanza, Etsy, and Ebay sell doodads of all kinds that allow you to be one-of-a-kind in your style. Many of the adornments are handcrafted by someone and many can even be personalized for you. Finding that perfect accessory online is also easy since most of the websites allow you to narrow your search by price or color. You can find numerous unique and artistic items on these sites that complement any outfit and allow you to accessorize for less than the average department or jewelry store.


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Make your own jewelry

accessorize for less by creating your own jewlery

You can also accessorize for less by making your own jewelry. Not only will you be able to save money in the long run, but you can customize your pieces exactly the way you want. Getting started can seem like a challenge at first. Yet, craft stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels sell just about all the things you need for such projects. Furthermore, the variety of adornments and materials they offer will give you plenty of options for ideas. When it comes to making necklaces there are extensive colors, patterns, and styles of decorative beads to choose from.


Give old accessories a face lift

accessorize for less old accessories facelift

You also don’t have to make your own accessories from scratch; it is possible to give old, outdated items a new look. Often times we junk or donate items without a second thought as to how we might make them more useable. For example, consider sprucing up an old purse with some new detail. Shopping at a craft store is an easy way to find materials that will give your older pieces some pizazz. Once you get in the mode of handcrafting your own goods, you might even discover that you like making your own accessories as much as you like wearing them.


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