2016 Fashion Trends

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2016 fashion trends

2016 fashion trends


Anyone who previewed the runway shows during Fashion Week can tell you the trends for fall 2016 are a mixed bag of styles reminiscent of the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.


2016 Fashion Trends – Everything Old Is New Again


Key elements

2016 fashion trends graphic tees

Key elements repeated throughout the shows were bold graphics, both in color and black and white; military-inspired styles; the “punk” look; and tribal prints. Designers such as Valentinoand Saint Laurent showed bold black and white garments, which could translate well into everyday style.


The Eighties

2016 fashion trends the 80s are back

Eighties-inspired fashions dominated the runways, with big, bold pieces, splashes of geometric color and neon, Lurex, patent leather, vinyl, and velvet. Accessories were also a throwback to the 80’s, with big, geometric earrings and bracelets, wrap-around glasses, and brightly colored hats, handbags, shoes, and boots.

Both quilted, “puffy” jackets and shiny vinyl trench coats were another 80’s throwback. Colors ranged from muted, darker tones for every day wear, to bright, bold, jewel-toned colors for the more adventurous spirit.


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Artic & Aztec

2016 fashion trends aztec patterns

Artic and Aztec inspired prints and furs were prominent on the runways, as well. Designers paid homage to indigenous cultures and artic regions of the world, with prints and stripes in earthy tones, trimmed with various furs and sheepskins. For everyday wear, this look may be muted down using smaller prints, or faux fur.

Details such as frogging and epaulets provide a major nod to the military style this season. Lanvin, Gucci, and Valentinowere among the designers whose pieces paid homage to both the United States and European branches of the military.



2016 fashion trends patchwork

Bohemian patchwork is another huge trend for fall. Flowing dresses and skirts, in bright or muted shades, were predominant on the fashion runways. This 60’s throwback was revisited by such designers as Chloeand Burburry.

Designers such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and Balenciagabrought the era of punk back in full force on the runway. Leather, chains and studs were major features, with mini skirts, ripped pants and jeans, fishnet stockings, all in black.


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