100 Weight Loss Tips For All Body Types

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Over the years, the weight loss industry has shown us plenty of “tips” and “tricks” to lose weight. Many of these so called “secrets” are either impossible or complete scams. Losing a quick pound or 2 is easily do-able by a short fast or by hitting the sauna. The main reason behind that is because our weight fluctuates regularly depending on our food and water intake. That first couple of pounds you drop is most likely just water weight and not actual fat.

Looking back at our childhood we were forced to eat ‘nasty’ greens and we had all the time in the world to be worry free and play outside and release our endless energy until bedtime. As we grow up our bodies change, diets and habits change. Our “play time” gets shorter, we become more picky with our food. We begin to undergo different stresses and over the course of these changes we may fall victim to obesity. The problem is that we become less active and more picky. Instead of going outside for a walk or run we choose to relax on the couch. Instead of being forced to eat those awful brussel sprouts we throw a hot pocket in the microwave for dinner and call it good.

Eventually we may get to a point in our lives where we choose to do something about that unhealthy lifestyle. Making that decision is the most important step. Sticking to it is just as important. It’s also very important to find your own, custom weight loss plan that won’t make you burn out and fall back into old habits. Below are 100 weight loss tips that are safe and effective for everyone.


100 Weight Loss Tips For All Body Types


1: Stay Hydrated

Can drinking water really help with weight loss? A good way to boost metabolism by 25% is by drinking water, especially before a good meal. A good metabolism means fewer calories!


2: Eat Less Sugar

Studies have shown that a high level of sugar in any diet produces a large risk of obesity. The modern diet consists of way too much sugar as well as sodium. Sugar contributing to obesity and sodium causing heart conditions


3: Sleep

Getting enough sleep is equally as important as maintaining a strict diet as well as going to the gym regularly. Lacking in sleep will prevent the body from recuperating so that it can work properly the next day to perform it’s necessary functions properly


4: Avoid Dieting 

The standard term for “I’m on a diet” usually means you’re looking for the work being done for you. First you avoid one thing and then another. Afterwards you begin eating nothing but celery. Restrictive diets work, but only for a short time. In the long term they cause more obesity because you are depriving your body of what it needs


5: Avoid Drinking Soda

Sugar is bad for weight loss but liquid sugar is even worse. Sugar in liquid form is the one of most underestimated weight gaining factors


6: Avoid Beer

Drinking alcohol impacts the metabolism in a negative way and drinking beer while eating food slows down the metabolism which makes the body store the food as fat


7: Chew Slowly

Sometimes it takes some time to register how much food we’ve actually ate. Chewing slowly gives the brain time to catch up on our intake


8: Eat Protein

Protein takes a lot of work to digest in the body. You end up burning more calories during the digestion process since it requires more effort


9: Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are nature’s super food. Not only do they contain fibers but they are packed with important nutrients that your body needs to perform at it’s best


10: Eat More Fruits

“Nature’s candy”, fruits are a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help the metabolism and overall health


11: Lift Weights

Adding more muscle increases your bodies fat burning properties. Lifting weights also gets your body to use the stored fat to repair your muscles after a good workout


12: Take The Stairs

Taking the stairs requires a bit more work and energy than taking the elevator. This means you are burning more calories resulting in better weight loss results


13: Start Jogging

Jogging is a one of the greatest exercises that is not only great for cardio but it is also great for any weight loss and fitness goals


14: Yoga

You can burn a whopping 400 calories in one, hour long yoga session


15: Eat Spicy Food

Spicy foods usually contain cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper helps to improve the metabolism


16: Trade Snacks For Veggies

Try trading that hot pocket every Wednesday for a healthier fruit or vegetable alternative. If you can do that try doing it 3, maybe 4 times per week


17: Drink Coffee

Coffee contains essential antioxidants just as green tea which help boost metabolism


18: Drink Tea

Green tea is packed with powerful antioxidants which promote healthy weight loss


19: Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions means eating fewer calories and fewer calories mean less weight gain


20: Start Swimming

Swimming is said to be the best cardio workout you can do. Every body part is doing work and swimming burns the most calories making it the most effective exersize


21: Start Biking

Biking is a good alternative to running and swimming and burns a great amount of calories. It’s also more interesting than jogging. Try biking to local places instead of driving, it’s cheaper AND healthier!


22: Start Stretching

Practicing a daily stretch improves blood flow which helps the body burn more calories


23: Avoid Junk Food

This needs no explanation. Junk food is bad. Very bad. And very fattening. And unhealthy. You should quit eating junkfood


24: Time Limit On Grocery Shopping

Setting a time limit on your grocery shopping will give you less time to look around at the goodies and just enough time to get the essentials and get out


25: Avoid Fried Foods

Fried foods are fried in fattening oils which increase obesity. Try a healthier baking alternative such as baking or roasting


26: Drink Decaf When You’re Craving

To reduce your caffeine intake drinking decaf coffee provides you with the same anti-oxidants you get from regular coffee


27: Keep Track Of Progress

Keeping track of your weight loss progress will give you motivation once you see that small improvement and will drive you to go further and further


28: Eat Without T.V. Or Other Distractions

Eating while watching your favorite T.V. show can cause you to lose track of how hungry you are and how much you eat. Pay attention to your portions


29: Try Soups

Soups obviously contain more water which helps with hydration and they also tend to contain a higher amount of vegetables when making broth. Soups also give you a more filling meal with a lower calorie count


30: Go Easy On The Dressing

Salad dressings are usually packed with calories and compromise healthiness for a better taste


31: Cinnamon 

Adding cinnamon to your fruits yields a richer taste without adding sugar


32: Avoid the Kitchen & Dining Room

Finding yourself in the kitchen and dining room for anything other than eating may tempt you to eat more when you are not actually hungry.


33: Find Joy In Something Else

Food can be the only source of daily pleasure. Finding joy in something else may help you eat less


34: Eat Less Calories

One simple trick is to burn more calories during the day than you consume. This will improve weight loss in the long run


35. 4 gram Sugar Rule

Check the nutritional label on the foods that you buy and avoid anything that contains more than 4 grams of sugar per serving


36: Try Wheat 

Eating more wheat helps you feel more full after a meal


37: Choose Healthy

When eating out, find the healthiest meal on the menu. Ask the waiter for help


38: Beans

A great alternative to meat is beans. Beans are filling and affordable!


39: Chili Pepper

Adding some chili pepper to foods that you feel are plain can make it more enjoyable


40: Greek Yogurt

Instead of drinking those harsh pre-workout chemicals try a Greek yogurt before you hit the gym


41: Eat More Fibers

Fibers are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and pass through the body quicker and don’t cause blood sugar to go up


42: Seek For Encouragement

Sharing your weight loss goals with family and friends will provide you with encouragement to keep going and not give up


43: Break Time

While eating a good meal, take a breather when you’re about halfway done and think about if you really need to eat the rest


44: Avoid Store Bought Salad Dressing

Buying salad dressing from the store means they are packed with extra calories. Try a healthier alternative like vinegar or a homemade dressing


45:  Nap Away The Cravings

Cravings can usually attack you when you are feeling tired. If you feel a craving coming on try taking a nap to make it go away


46: Keep Good Posture

Keeping a good posture means you’re working just a little harder to sit up straight which means you burn more calories


47: Reduce Stress

Stress is very common with today’s lifestyle. This allows for stress induced cravings to take control. Relieving stress could lead to a healthier lifestyle and diet


48: Look For Any Excuse For a Walk

Some adrenaline junkies and long-boarders find that special hill which they will walk up 20 times just to go down again. What’s your “hill” that can get you to go for a walk?


49. “You Are Who You Hang’ With”

Take a look at your surroundings and your friends. Do they practice a healthy lifestyle or are they influencing you into unhealthy habits?


50. Track Your Daily Step Count

Chances are, you have a smart phone. Smart phones are, or can be equipped with a health app which can track how many steps you have taken that day. If you are not anywhere around 10,000 steps then you need to get moving!


51. The “Fat Free” Trick

Beware when buying “fat free” products as they can be trading that fat for larger amounts of sodium or sugar to make up for the taste


52. Take Baby Steps

Exploding into a new diet and lifestyle can make you burn out and go back to your old habits which will only leave you disappointed and upset. Start off with 1 small step at a time like drinking water every morning before breakfast and then drinking water before every meal etc.


53. Surround Yourself In Healthy Foods

Always having fruits or vegetables within easier access than junk food will likely increase your chances of eating a healthier snack


54. Cook In Advance

When you have a sudden craving you begin to think about where you can grab a quick bite. Knowing you have a cooked meal that can go bad soon will help you in making a wiser snack choice


55. Cut Back Slowly

Quitting cold turkey is no fun. If you buy 3 bags of chips while shopping, start buying 2 instead. After getting used to that start buying 1 per week


56. Train Your Taste Buds

Our taste buds are used to a specific amount of sugar and/or sodium in our snacks/meals. Reducing the amount of sugar we add to tea or salt we add to meals will have an ‘off’ taste at first but once your taste buds get used to it you will experience the same pleasure of sugar and salt at a much healthier level


57. Try Kettle Cooked Instead Of Baked

Kettle cooked chips are argued to be a healthier alternative to regular baked chips


58. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort is overrated. Being used to being in our comfort zone constantly will prevent us from making that small healthier choice like taking the stairs or going for that jog that you’ve delayed for the 3rd month in a row


59. Eat What You Can Burn

Find out how many calories are in your meal and count how much work you will need to burn that meal. This will help with your calorie count and ultimately with your weight loss goals. You can use tools like sparkpeople.com offer: Calories Calculator


60. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. People who don’t skip out on breakfast are more likely to lose weight and maintain their weight loss


61. Pick Up On Extra Chores

Taking care of chores around the house may seem like the biggest inconvenience of the century. But doing chores like vacuuming, raking the leaves, picking up toys and wiping away the dust keeps you moving which means you are burning extra calories. Not only does this help with weight loss but it keeps you busy and keeps your house clean too


62. Find The Problem At The Root

Random eating and cravings can be caused by issues or thoughts. Try finding what triggers you to over eat or randomly start craving that unhealthy snack


63. Weight Loss Supplements

There are some weight loss supplements that can actually aid in losing weight and can speed up weight loss if you combine them with other factors such as exercise and weight lifting. However you should be very careful when choosing a weight loss supplement


64. Road Trip Snack

When leaving on a road trip, instead of packing junk food pack some fruits and vegetable juice and water and refuse to stop anywhere else to eat.


65. Vegetable Juice

If you can’t force yourself to eat vegetables try drinking 1 cup of store bought vegetable juice per day. Preferably in the morning with breakfast


66. Stick To it

Studies have shown that sticking to a certain habit will turn it into a part of your life in an average of 66 days


67. Mind Tricks

When doing an activity that you enjoy and do often such as watching your favorite show, get yourself to eat an apple in the beginning every single time. Your brain will begin to want that as it becomes a part of the routine which will get you craving that apple when you begin watching that show again


68. Keep Reminding Yourself Of Your Goal

Remember to remind yourself of your goal and how great you will feel once you have finally reached it


69. Aim For a Dress/Pant Size Instead Of a Weight Goal

Aiming for a specific weight loss goal can sometimes seem impossible. Try making your goal to be able to fit in a size down. This will make your weight loss goals seem more realistic to you


70. Don’t Stress About It

When trying so hard to not get any results remember, correct weight loss is not only a weight change but a lifestyle change. Focus on your lifestyle and your weight will reflect it once your body adjusts to the changes. Stress brings nothing good to you or your goals


71. Be Optimistic

Always looking at the bright side of things will bring up your mood and your willingness to continue. You dropped potato chips but you have not dropped a pound? But you dropped potato chips! That’s already a huge plus!


72. Find a Partner

Taking on a difficult task with a partner is much easier than tackling it alone. Find a partner who is willing to go through a lifestyle change with you so you can track each others results and share personal tips

73. Donate Your Old Clothes

As you begin losing a few pounds donate the clothes that are too big on you now as a way to ‘burn the bridge’ and keep yourself on track


74. Increase Your Weight Loss Routine

If you have been able to walk around block 2 times per day 3 days a week, increase it to 3 times around the block. It’s just 1 more. Can’t be that much harder!


75. Keep a Small Bottle Of Vegetable Juice By Your Side

Keeping a small bottle of vegetable juice by your side wherever you are increases your chance of drinking vegetable juice instead of grabbing something else to munch on


76. Empty Your House Of Unhealthy Foods

Throwing away junk food and other unhealthy foods greatly reduces the chances of eating something that is unhealthy. This results in a much healthier lifestyle and improved weight loss


77. Aim For Perfection

Any task that you do, aim to do it as perfect as possible. Doing so will require a bit more energy and time. This results in more calories being burned than doing the job just to get it done.


78. Tie Your Favorite Activities To Healthy Choices

Do you love a girls night out? Host a get together with the girls at your house and serve a vegetable tray with dip as your choice of snack


79. Be Serious

Taking your weight loss goal seriously helps you keep going. It also makes your goal more important to you


80. Cut back on Sodium

Fast food contains huge amounts of salt which makes you crave it more. Removing extra salt from your diet will help you to appreciate the natural salts in healthy foods. This will also help you reduce your fast food cravings


81. Get a Gym Membership Just For The Spa

Visiting the gym to go to the spa regularly keeps you in a healthy environment. It also reduces stress. Finding yourself around gym equipment may give you that extra motivation to go for a quick jog to make your relaxation for enjoyable


82. Eat Water Rich Foods

Eating foods that are rich in water such as watermelons and cucumbers will fill you up quicker with a reduced calorie intake. It also keeps you hydrated!


83. Chew Sugar Free Gum

Keeping your mouth moving constantly burns an extra tiny bit of calories. It also suppresses appetite and unnecessary cravings


84. Spontaneous Exercise!

Have 5 minutes to yourself? Get down and do a quick set of push ups without thinking about it as if it were a necessary but quick chore


85: Get a Dog

Part of owning a dog means that you need to take it for a walk. This may be a perfect excuse to force yourself to go outside for a stroll with your new buddy


86. Set a Limit

Limit yourself to 1 unhealthy snack per day. Doing so will keep your cravings satisfied but limit the amount of unhealthy intake


87. Practice inconvenience and inconsistency 

The only consistency in life is inconsistency. Practicing to get used to small inconveniences and inconsistencies with your unhealthy habits may help you become less picky


88. Do a Quick Exercise Before a Meal

Going for a walk or doing a quick exercise before a meal makes you appreciate more your efforts. This will get you thinking more carefully about what you want to eat


89. Join a Health Forum

Staying in touch with a health based community will help you to surround yourself in a healthier atmosphere. You are also more likely to discover additional weight loss tips & tricks


90. Try To Keep Yourself Moving No Matter What

Studies have show that people who are fidgety tend to be more on the skinnier side. Constant movement means that calories are constantly being burned


91. Think About Other Benefits

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t only help with weight loss. A healthier lifestyle gives your skin and other vitals a boost. This means you are getting an anti aging bonus!


92. Try Making a Music Video

Track your progress with video footage and family moments. Once you reach your weight loss goal you can put together a beautiful music video of your hard work and dedication. Your music video can give someone else a reason to choose to live healthy as well


93. Constantly Weigh The Pros & Cons

Choosing a healthier lifestyle will never have more cons than pros. Laying that out to yourself constantly will give you the more reason to keep going


94. Ruin The Moment

Nobody is perfect and we have all given in to temptation. If you give in to a craving look for a way to ruin the moment. I have programmed myself to crave a chocolate bar with milk after I eat my favorite potato chips. This makes me feel sick and the next time I begin to crave potato chips I remember that unpleasant feeling which kills the craving


95. Ask For Help

A good way to eat healthy is to ask your partner for their help. Have your spouse use less sugar in your morning coffee or make your sandwich with a healthier variety of ingredients. This will only help weight loss in the long run


96. Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving yourself deprives the body of what it needs to function properly. Depriving your body of the essentials will only cause further weight gain and is not healthy


97. Be Aware Of Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are known to be packed with sugar which is a big factor of unsuccessful weight loss


98. Set An Even Further Goal

Set another health goal that you would like to reach after you have reached your weight loss goal. This can give you a sense of urgency and make you take your current goal more seriously


99. Consider The Risks

Considering the potential risks with your current lifestyle can help you be more strict with your weight loss and lifestyle choices


100. Avoid Cooking With Butter

Cooking with butter may give your food a better taste but it can also be fattening. Try a healthier alternative like olive oil


It is usually best to choose as many tips as you can, but still being able to enjoy life. Many start really slow or even start “on” and “off” while eventually making the transition to “on”, turning that new healthy decision into a part of everyday life. Even if you can only choose 1 out of all 100 that is still an improvement! Maybe trade those hot pockets for brussel sprouts or vegetable juice 2 nights a week!


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